Micro Ring Extensions - Silicon Loop


Silicone MIcro ring for I tip extension

100 pce, aluminium and silicone

Color : Black - Dark Brown - Light Brown - Blond

outside dimention : 4.5mm

inside dimention : 2.5mm

More details

CHF 15.00

Made from aluminum and lined with silicone to help hold and cushion the hair.

Application process: Before application, we recommend deep clean client’s hair without using conditioner or any oily base product. 

1)   Start sectioning client’s hair from bottom to top .

2)   Insert pulling hook through a micro ring.

3)   Hook a portion of client’s hair with pulling hook and slide through the ring hole.

4)   Hold the ring ½ inch from scalp and insert I-Tip hair extension through the ring.

5)   Apply pressure to flatten the ring using pliers. 

6)   The more you flatten the ring the better it will stay in but the more difficult it will be to remove.

7)  Trim off excess tip of extension.

Removing steps:

1)   Put the ring vertically in first groove of I-Tip pliers and apply pressure slowly.

2)   Finish – Slide out the extension hair after opening the ring

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Plier for Hair Extension

Plier for Hair Extension

Hair extension's pliers working for microring and hot bond hair extension

The Best In Russian Hair Extensions :

For all your needs, Russian hair extensions are the finest pick in terms of hair extensions. You will forget where your hair ends and where your extensions start.

Genuine Russian Hair has an outstanding reputation. Russian hair locks have the same movement, shine, and texture as western hair. Russian hair is the ultimate luxury, either to add volume or length to your natural hair. Choosing Russian Hair Extensions means lengthening your hair naturally, endlessly, with locks that match your own hair to perfection.

Real Russian Hair offers a choice of several installation methods, depending on your wishes and needs.
Tape hair extensions are the most popular in hair salons. Discover our tape-in hair extensions, especially reinforced for extended wear. “Tape” Russian hair extensions are adapted for any type of hair, particularly for hair with less volume.

Hot fusion Extension with Italian keratin is also a very popular option offered by hair stylists. Hot fusion is durable, even more so thanks to the quality of the tips.
We also offer clip-in hair extensions of the best quality available. Our clip-in extensions are the indispensable accessory for a bridal updo, or for reception hairstyles.
Finally, our cold fusion extensions are especially conceived for women with fragile hair. These Russian hair locks are attached to the root of your hair with small metallic loops strengthened with silicone.

Where do our Russian hair extensions come from ?

Real Russian Hair is a Switzerland-based international brand that aims at offering the best Caucasian hair available. We collect natural hair for our extensions in Russia, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan. This virgin hair has never undergone chemical treatment and comes from remote agricultural areas, where traditionally, young women let their hair grow until their wedding.
The natural hair offered is remy hair, tied in long braids, roots with roots, and tips with tips. Only the most beautiful hair pieces are selected by our agents. The Russian hair we buy comes from young, healthy donors that have never had any chemical treatment on their locks. The donors from these rural regions consume a natural, pesticide-free diet, and also use natural natural cosmetics for their hair.

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