Tape Hair made with Russian Hair : The best regarding Hair extensions.

Our Unique patent pending system requires no adhesives on the scalp, no weaving, braiding, clips, bonding, chemicals or messy removal. Easy to apply with no tools needed. This system is completely seamless with no bumps. You can wear your hair up or down. Ideal for people with thinning hair and for adding length or volume or simply adding highlights without chemicals.
Top strip is made from a very thin, flat, spolyurethane strip with tape. For extended wear and to add additional security lasting several months, simply cut add adhesive and apply. See "how to apply" below.

The hair is bonded onto a micro thin skin like double-sided adhesive PU strip that is applied right into the sections of your natural hair.

The hair is also reusable unlike other methods such as the pre bonded, you will only need to replace the PU strip every 6-10 weeks depending on how fast or slow your hair grows.

Tape hair extensions are much quicker to apply without any irons,glues or micro ring attachments, so you can run your fingers through your hair extensions feeling like it is your natural hair without causing any damage at all.This method is especially good if you want extra volume and length.

Benefits for Hairdressers :

  • Money saving

  • Quicker to apply (40min max. for 1 head)

  • Reusables Tape Extensions

  • Comeback of the customer every 6 weeks

Benefit for ending Customer :

  • Money saving

  • Easy & Quickly done

  • Very safe, any damage caused on the hair

  • Comfortable and Undetectable

  • Reusable

We apply and recommend the newest and most popular method sweeping the USA & Europe which is the Skin Weft Hair Extensions method. Its also know as the Tape Hair Extensions. It's an Invisible and light weight attachment.

Testimonials from Hairdressers :

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With the Skin Weft extensions, even if someone were to touch your hair or head they wouldn’t even realise you had extensions in as you cant feel them because they are so flat, very undetectable and comfortable to wear.
Anaïs B., Paris, France

I switch to tape hair because hot bond are so time consuming!
Carmen Loya, La Chaux-de-Fond, Switzerland
salon de coiffure

"1. Quick and Easy to do. 2.Comfortable and Easy to wear. Last but not least ; very safe for your customer's hair! What else ?!"
Brice T., Maienz, Germany
Tape Russian HairDoes it looks natural ?
When it comes to hair extensions, this is one of the most important questions to answer.So I can say YES It Does !
Frederico, Salon Hipster, Turino, Italia
Hair dresserSo loving the hair. I have tried lots of different types of extensions before but these are my favourite. They don’t have any bulky bonds and are really comfortable and I can still tie my hair up with these. My customers doesn't mind the 6 week maintenance cycle cause I color theirs hair in the same time anyhow. So that'is perfect timimg. They are perfect. Thanks so much!!!
Ana Silva Semedo, Fribourg, Switzerland
tape extension
This is the first time I have had tape extensions and I am already addicted! The hair matches mine perfectly - nobody can tell that I have them in, even when I tie my hair up or go swimming. I love the look! I never want to take them out!
Lova-Ken, Blog Writter, UK
extension Bande autocollantes
I just want to say thank you so much for doing my tape hair extensions, I love it! I styled it and it looks amazing !!
Gianna K. Genève, Switzerland
Tape hair real hairI have tried taped hair on myself first. I love the tape; I have barely even noticed that they are in. The hair quality has been great I have looked after it pretty well, it hasn’t felt dry at all, blended perfectly with my hair and I have very thin hair.(...) I'm ready to sell it to my customers.
Florence C. Aquitaine, French
Tape Hair extensions
I have the Russian wavy micro-bead hair extensions and the hair is great! Its been 6 months now and it still feels so soft and real! I'm going to go for the skin weft extensions next time because I've been hearing great things about them!"
Lisa Gagnon, Salon LG'Hair, Valleyfield, Canada
tape hair remy
I do use tape hair extensions since 2006 (...) I must admit I've been very impressed by the quality of yours.Less I can say is premium russian keeps its promises. (...)glue is superstrong.
J_I_N, MakeUP & Hair Artist, USA

The Best In Russian Hair Extensions :

For all your needs, Russian hair extensions are the finest pick in terms of hair extensions. You will forget where your hair ends and where your extensions start.

Genuine Russian Hair has an outstanding reputation. Russian hair locks have the same movement, shine, and texture as western hair. Russian hair is the ultimate luxury, either to add volume or length to your natural hair. Choosing Russian Hair Extensions means lengthening your hair naturally, endlessly, with locks that match your own hair to perfection.

Real Russian Hair offers a choice of several installation methods, depending on your wishes and needs.
Tape hair extensions are the most popular in hair salons. Discover our tape-in hair extensions, especially reinforced for extended wear. “Tape” Russian hair extensions are adapted for any type of hair, particularly for hair with less volume.

Hot fusion Extension with Italian keratin is also a very popular option offered by hair stylists. Hot fusion is durable, even more so thanks to the quality of the tips.
We also offer clip-in hair extensions of the best quality available. Our clip-in extensions are the indispensable accessory for a bridal updo, or for reception hairstyles.
Finally, our cold fusion extensions are especially conceived for women with fragile hair. These Russian hair locks are attached to the root of your hair with small metallic loops strengthened with silicone.

Where do our Russian hair extensions come from ?

Real Russian Hair is a Switzerland-based international brand that aims at offering the best Caucasian hair available. We collect natural hair for our extensions in Russia, Mongolia, and Kazakhstan. This virgin hair has never undergone chemical treatment and comes from remote agricultural areas, where traditionally, young women let their hair grow until their wedding.
The natural hair offered is remy hair, tied in long braids, roots with roots, and tips with tips. Only the most beautiful hair pieces are selected by our agents. The Russian hair we buy comes from young, healthy donors that have never had any chemical treatment on their locks. The donors from these rural regions consume a natural, pesticide-free diet, and also use natural natural cosmetics for their hair.

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