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Products and Guarantees

Machines and equipment include a manual and have a European plug.

All sales go on until the stop date or until products are sold out. You can claim your money back up to 20 days after the purchase if we have not followed the terms and conditions. You have a 1-year guarantee on machines, 4 month guarantee on hair extensions (free of chemical treatement). 


Within 14 days from order you must notify us in case you have not received your order. Within 14 days you can change or return your product or make a complaint.

This is only if you have not opened or used the product. The hair and product can be seen through the plastic cover. You must fill in our return notification before returning or else your products will be sent back to you again. 

 Exchange, return and complaints

Should you find that there is something wrong with the product you have always the right to return the products so we can investigate it to see what could be wrong. If we find that there is something wrong with the product we will refund the price of the product or send a new product. If we find that nothing is wrong we return the product to you. When returning you are required to return all the products in question. If the fault is ours we will refund the freight cost. On our home page you will be able to find the return form which must be filled in and returned with the product.


Customer service: Tel. +4176 332.12.14  (9am-10pm Monday - Sunday Switzerland time)

e-mail: [email protected]


We do not take any responsibility for the product after that the product package has been broken. You yourself are responsible for your purchase and caring for the product, also for reading and informing yourself of these terms and conditions, whether it's an order made online, on the telephone, fax or e-mail. You are responsible for the purchase yourself. 


How do I order?

You order goods from us through our shop online by adding the products you want into the shopping bag, then go to the checkout, select shipping and payment and enter your information. Then send your order! Your products will be sent the same day you order. You can also call for order your product.