Balayage Bonding Extensions 100% Russian Hair

Real Russian Hair

25 strands of Highlight Balayage Bonded Hair Extensions : 

Russian Hair, 25 strands / pack. 100% REMY HAIR Caucasiens grade AAAAAA, hair extensions
Content : 25 prebonded Hair Extension Strands 
Lenght : 20 inches / 50 cm
Width :  0,8gr / strand
Color : Large Choice of natural colors
Warranty : 4 months - Hair Extensions can last more than a year with good care.
Delivery  : Free delivery in Europe

  • 18/20"
  • P1/2
  • P1B/4
  • P2/4
  • P2/6
  • P4/8
  • P12/8
  • P22/16
  • P613/16
  • T8/60/61
  • T8-8/60
  • P61/613
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Our pre- bonded hair extensions come tipped with a Italian Flat keratin-based that is melted with a low-heat iron to create a bond with your own natural hair. The keratin bond is quite strong and can last for 4 to 6 months.

We use flat Tip as hair extensions because the flat surface area allows for better fusing with your natural hair, which makes for a stronger and longer lasting bond. 

50 strands : half head (add volume)

100 strands : full head (add volume and lenght)

150 strands : full head XXL (add volume and lenght)

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