Invisibles Tapes Hair Extension - injected new generation

Real Russian Hair

10 Tape Extension - Straight Shiny Russian Hair, large color choice

Russian Hair, 10 tapes hair/ pack. 100% Russian Mongolian cuticuled human remy hair
Content : 10 Tapes (5 sandwiches) - 5 injected + 5 regulars
Lenght : 18"
Width :  1.6 inches / 4 cm
Weight : 2,5 gr
Color : large color choice
Warranty : 4 months / you can use it more than 2 years
Delivery  : 24-48h (Switzerland)

Our Injection Tape® Hair Extensions are produced using the highest quality 100% Russian Mongolian cuticuled human remy hair. This invisible / Injected Tape Hair is specifically designed to be discreet in your own natural hair, from the injection process that mimics the root and hair growth to the coloured backing of the tape hair that changes from dark to light colours.

  • 1B Natural Black
  • 2 Dark Brown
  • 4 Brown
  • 613 Platinum Blond
  • R160
 rooted- Ice
  • R1422 
Rooted - Golden hour Blond
  • R414
 Rooted - Dirty Blond
  • R410 
Rooted – Ash Brown
  • R18
 Rooted – Walnut
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Tape Hair

Discover the latest innovation in regards to hair extension! Real Russian Hair has become one of the leading companies in regards to tape hair, a revolutionary hair extension product. Trust in the best Russian Hair and Swiss service quality.

Why is it a revolutionary product?

1. The application process can be done in 30 minutes for a full head by sandwiching small sections of your own hair between the adhesive tape. This is a huge step forward in the hairdressing industry! It’s a win win product as the hair dresser wins time and the customer saves money.

2. Your hair is not getting damaged by heat or resin and the extension can be easily and quickly removed. A small section of your hair is sandwiched between 2 hair extension using natural adhesives.

3. It is an invisible, discrete and semi permanent method, which can last up to 4-6 weeks. No other hair extension method is so hardly detectable! It’s the perfect extension for thin and flat hair.

The application process of tape hair is as easy as the removal process. Reuse your hair extension as much as possible thanks to adhesive tape. We advice our customers to ascend their hair extension every six weeks.


Specifications : Tapes Hair

Type of Hair Extension
Tape Hair extension or PU hair extensions
Type of Hair  : 100% Russian Hair, Remy Hair,  Human hair
Origin of the hair used : Named : Russian Hair.  (Caucasien Hair ; Kazakhstan, Mongolie)
Lenght :  12" - 20" - 28"
Color : 10
Quantity needed :

10 Tapes Hair : hightlight / Color Flash

20 Tapes Hair : Add volume

more than 40 Tapes Hair : Add lenght and volume

Weight : 2 gr
Width : 1,6 inch / 4 cm
Country of Origin: Caucasian Hair from Kazakhstan and Mongolia
Lenght of stay

Warranty : 4 months


Tapes hair can last up to 3 months by simply using adhesive tape on the top of the original adhesive.

We advice our customers to ascend their extensions every 6 weeks.


Tape hair is a cheap hair extension for two main reasons:
Quickly applied which means time and money saving
The hair extensions are reusable.

You don’t need to be particularly vigilant with tape hair

This type of hair extensions is easy to wear, comfortable and comes in many colors.


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