extensions de cheveux russes

Quality of our Hair Extensions - Russian Hair

The best quality of European Hair remy hair grade AAAAA.


  • 100% Caucasian Hair Grade AAA
  • 100% Remy Hair: cuticule in the same way (roots with roots / ends with ends)
  • Tangle free, silky, smooth, shiny hair
  • Healthy hair until ends
  • Certificat of authenticity and 4 months warranty
Europäischen Haarverlängerung

Our Russian Hair extension Remy Hair Grade AAAAA

Hair in good condition, as we sell it from the Shop. The cuticle is the outer layer of the shaft and is the first layer to show any type of damage. The cutilce is closed, the hair would feel smooth and because of this would reflect light easily causing shiny healthy looking hair.

Unsere Echthaar Extensions haben keine der folgenden Fehler :

No Raised Cuticle

The cuticle on this hair is raised in the extreme. This hair would feel rougher to the touch and be no inclined to reflect light. Hair would appear dull or matt. This type of damage is often caused by the hair being over processed when perming/coloring.

No Stripped Cuticle

The cuticle on this hair has been completely stripped away revealing the cortex layer underneath. Hair would appear very dull and lifeless.

No Split Ends

This hair has spilt ends. Can be caused by over brushing. No real cure except cutting the hair and snipping off the split ends.